EIS and SEIS Tax Relief in Norwich

Investing in early-stage businesses carries potential for high returns, but also significant risk. The UK government's Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) are designed to mitigate some of these risks by offering attractive tax reliefs to investors. At Eastfield Accountants, we specialise in navigating these complex schemes, ensuring our clients in Norwich, Norfolk, and beyond remain compliant with tax regulations.

Understanding EIS and SEIS can be challenging, but the benefits are undeniable. From significant tax relief to loss relief and capital gains tax exemption, these schemes offer a way to support innovative startups while reducing the financial risks involved.

Our EIS and SEIS services

We assist individuals who have used EIS and SEIS, offering services such as:

  • Tax relief claim processing
  • Compliance and documentation support

Investment structuring and compliance

Structuring your investment correctly is crucial for maximising tax relief. We provide expert advice to ensure full compliance with HMRC requirements.


What are the key differences between EIS and SEIS?

EIS and SEIS are similar but target different stages of company development. SEIS is designed for seed-stage companies, offering higher tax reliefs to reflect the increased risk. EIS is for more developed companies. We can help determine which scheme is most appropriate for your investment.

How much can I invest through EIS and SEIS?

For EIS, you can invest up to £1,000,000 per tax year, while for SEIS, the limit is £100,000. Both schemes offer carry-back options to apply reliefs to the previous tax year.

What happens if the company I invest in fails?

Both schemes offer loss relief against your income tax or capital gains tax, reducing the financial impact of failed investments. We can guide you through claiming this relief should the need arise.

Partner with Eastfield Accountants for expert EIS and SEIS guidance

Mark and Tom at Eastfield Accountants are your partners for navigating the complexities of EIS and SEIS. Our tailored advice can help you achieve your financial goals.

Contact us today to explore how EIS and SEIS can benefit your investment strategy.

Expert EIS and SEIS Tax Relief Services with Eastfield Accountants

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