Tax Advice for UK Non-Residents

Navigating the complexities of tax obligations in the UK as a non-resident can be daunting. We are able to provide expert advice and services for UK non-residents ensuring that you comply with UK tax regulation.

Tailored tax return services for UK non-residents

HMRC uses the Statutory Residence Test to define your tax residency, considering various factors. However, non-residents should not rely on self-assessing their tax residency status without professional input as this can prove to be costly.

Navigating tax residency rules is complex and requires advice from a certified accountant to avoid penalties and surprise tax bills. Our expertise enables us to provide you with clear, informed advice on your tax responsibilities as a non-UK resident. We keep abreast of the latest tax legislation changes to offer you the most current and effective tax strategies.

Mark Noakes FCCA, Tax Residency Specialist, Chartered Certified Accountant

Tax Residency Specialist, Chartered Certified Accountant

Mark Noakes FCCA

I'm an experienced tax and accounting specialist with over 21 years in the field, focusing on tax residency and high earner self-assessments. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from Macquarie University, Sydney, where I achieved distinction in Australian Tax Law.

After returning to the UK in 2003, I earned my Chartered status and became a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). My expertise particularly benefits UK resident non-domiciled individuals navigating tax obligations between the UK and Australia. I maintain strong relationships with tax law advisors in Australia, assisting clients with the intricacies of cross-border income declaration.

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Do non-residents need to file a UK tax return?

Whether non-residents need to file a UK tax return depends on several factors. It’s crucial not to make assumptions about your filing obligations. Additionally, living outside the UK doesn’t exempt you from filing a UK tax return if you have UK income.

Non-UK residents might need to file a return if they have income from UK sources, even if no tax is due.

Situations requiring a non-resident tax return include:

  • Being a UK company director
  • Earning from a UK partnership
  • Self-employment income in the UK
  • Working in the UK while living abroad
  • Receiving UK rental income
  • Making capital gains on UK assets

Even income from UK investments like interest and dividends may need reporting. This can be complex, and professional advice is recommended.

If you work in the UK and tax hasn’t been withheld by an employer, you’ll likely need to file a return. Additionally, your income may be taxed in your current country of residence. Note that the UK’s double taxation agreements with various countries might prevent dual taxation.

Foreign nationals living in the UK: tax return requirements

As a foreign national residing in the UK, if you have both UK and overseas income and/or gains, your tax situation may require careful consideration. Your tax return should cover:

  • Your income in the UK
  • Capital gains on UK assets
  • Overseas income and gains, regardless of whether you remit them to the UK
  • Determining the necessity of filing a tax return involves various factors, including your domicile status and source of income.

Comprehensive non-resident tax return assistance

From preparing and filing your tax returns to liaising with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on your behalf, at Eastfield Accountants we offer a complete range of services to make the tax return process as smooth as possible for you.

Our services include:

  • Expert assessment of your UK tax residency status
  • Preparation and submission of your Non-Resident Tax Returns
  • Advice on Double Taxation Agreements and how they apply to you
  • Capital Gains Tax planning and advice for non-UK residents
  • Assistance with Rental Income Tax for UK property owners
  • Guidance on remittance basis charge for non-domiciled residents

How Eastfield Accountants supports non-UK residents

Non-resident tax returns are a specialised and complex process not to be taken lightly. After an initial discussion with you as a client our goal will be to ensure that your tax affairs are managed efficiently, understanding your tax liability while complying with all UK tax laws.

Looking for expert non-UK resident tax advice? Contact Eastfield Accountants today for personalised tax return services.

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