There are 3 easy steps to switching

How to switch accountants?

Switching is simple, pain free and can all be handled by us.

Step 1

We listen to you and then send a fee proposal based on your requirements.

Step 2

You approve our fee proposal and engage us as your accountant.

Why switch accountants?

Your accountant doesn't invest the time to listen and understand about the nuances of my business.

Your accountant is limited in the services and advice they are will to offer, providing no added value.

Your accountant is often hard to reach and doesn't invest in a personalised, hands-on relationship.

Your accountant isn't forward-thinking enough and tends to work to HMRC deadlines not yours.

Still confused?

Frequently asked questions

Is it better to change accountants at the end of the tax year?

Changing accountants at the end of the tax year allows your new accountant to review your prior year tax returns and have a full understanding of your tax situation before preparing your current year return. This can help ensure proper filing and minimise errors. However, if you have issues with your current accountant, it may be best not to wait until your tax year has passed.

Do I need to contact my previous accountant to let them know we are switching?

You do not need to directly notify your previous accountant when switching firms. As part of the transition process, your new accountant will send a clearance letter to the old firm informing them of the change. This serves as formal notification. However, some clients choose to also contact their old accountant directly as a courtesy to let them know they are moving on and thank them for their past services.

I'm unhappy with my current accountancy service and fees. Can I switch providers at any time?

You can switch accountancy firms at any time if you are unsatisfied with the service or fees. Choose an accountant who understands your needs and provides robust services at a fair price. Leaving for better service and value is always an option.

If I switch from my accountant, is it likely to trigger an HMRC Tax Investigation?

Switching accountants does not directly trigger an HMRC investigation. HMRC opens inquiries based on potential discrepancies or errors in tax returns, not because you changed accountants. A reputable new accountant will review your previous returns and ensure they were prepared accurately and completely before filing any amended returns. Rest assured changing accountants alone is unlikely to prompt an investigation, so you should not feel locked in to an unsatisfactory firm out of fear of HMRC punishment. Choose the accountant that best serves your needs.